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Mike Robinson is a highly accomplished Commercial Director with global experience in managing marketing and sales teams in the pursuit of value-enhancing relationships for both small and large customers. Mike has several years of experience in the Assurance sector, having previously been the Group Customer Director at Lloyds Register. Mike is known for driving a high-performance culture and is adept at understanding the nuances of different nationalities and knowing how to extract the best from them.

Mike excels in driving value into markets as diverse as Food, Forestry, Management Systems, Aerospace, and the Automotive industry.  He has extensive experience in promoting and managing projects relating to new energy like Electric (and Autonomous) Vehicles, Solar and Wind Energy, Nanotech, Predictive Analytics, and IoT.

Managing both marketing and sales functions, Mike exploits synergies between these groups to promote value and translate engaging market profiles into consistently strong sales pipelines. Always looking for improvement, Mike’s numbers-led approach encourages high-performance teams that pursue better outcomes.


Before joining SAI Global, Mike held the role of Group Customer Director at Lloyds Register. With the leadership of a 400-strong global marketing and sales team, Mike led the transition to a sales/market-led culture through a focus on performance, and the implementation of a value-focused sales team. Mike’s broad market experience built robust commercial performance across diverse markets, including Marine, Energy, Rail, and Food.

Over a successful career, Mike has led several high profile Marketing and Sales roles, held Divisional leadership positions, and held P&L responsibility in both start-up and growth situations. Mike has held senior marketing, sales, and strategy roles with Marconi, Philips Electronics, and Royal Mail Group.

As a leader with a curious mind and relentless energy to pursue creative and positive change, Mike continues to build on both experience and education in both Engineering (BSc) and Business (MBA).  He consistently engages with all members of his team to share and inculcate the lessons he has learned from a successful career across many industries.

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